Puy Navarro

Puy Navarro began her professional career in her native Spain, acting in classical plays.

She has performed and studied internationally in Spain, France, Japan, Cuba and the US.

She has worked with renowned directors such as Stephen Daldry, Luis García Berlanga and Jorge Alí Triana.

She is a member of the Spanish Repertory Theatre in NYC and has played with many NY based theatre companies doing classical, experimental theatre, clown and physical theatre.

Recent independent films and TV credits include, the mini-series “Men Who Build America”, “Stray Dolls” and “He Matado a Mi Marido.”

She graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

‘STRAY DOLLS’ Dir. Sonejuhi Sinha. Tribeca Film Festival NYC
‘YOU, ME, BATHROOM, SEX, NOW’ Dir. Francisco Lupini. Independent Short
‘LOVE COMES LATER’ Dir. Sonejuhi Sinha. Cannes Film Festival, Semaine de la Critique
‘HE MATADO A MI MARIDO’ Dir. Francisco Lupini. Featured Film LA
‘MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA’ Dir. Patrick Reams. Clairvoyant History Channel
‘NOTEBOOK’ Dir. Martín Rosete. Mrs. Vega (Lead) Independent Short, NYC
‘SHUT UP AND DO IT’ Dir. Bruno Irizarri. Maria Feature Film, NYC
‘STRIPPING AWAY’ Dir. Steven Zahn. Terrorist (Lead) Independent Short, NYC
‘TODOS A LA CARCEL’ Dir. J. L. Berlanga. Hostage Spain (Feature)

‘AY, CARMELA!’ Dir. Francisco Reyes. Spanish Repertory Theatre, NYC
‘NOCTURNAL CREATURES’ Dir. Jerry Ruiz. Tall Woman (Lead) Director’s Studio NYC
‘LA VIDA ES SUEÑO’ Dir. Cecil MacKinnon. Rosaura (Lead) Culture Project and U.N., NYC
‘FAR AWAY’ Dir. Stephen Daldry. EnsembleNew York Theater Workshop
‘WOMEN SLIGHTLY ON THE EDGE’ Dir. Robert Castle. Solo-show American Globe Theatre, NYC
‘THE DETAILS OF SILENCE’ Dir. Cynthia Croot. Blanca Symphony Space, NYC
‘BLOOD WEDDING’ Dir. Rene Butch. Bride (Lead) Spanish Repertory Theater, NYC
‘VISITATIONS’ Brunelda Pace University, NYC
‘EINSTEIN’S DREAMS’ Dir. Rebecca Holderness. Ensemble Culture Project, NYC
‘CYRANO’ Dir. Simon Levy. Reading Roberta New York Theatre Workshop
‘LUSCIOUS MUSIC’ Dir. Michael John Garcés. (Reading) Clea Abingdon Theater, NYC
‘HOUSE OF MIRTH’ Dir. Susan Dibble. Bertha Dorset Shakespeare & Company, MA
‘THE ODD COUPLE’ Dir. Midge Guerrilla. (F Version) MickeyState Theatre, NJ
‘PLAYING EQUALITY’ by Ariel Dorfman. Paulina Salas (Lead) Teatro de los Manantiales, Spain
‘ZANAHORIAS’ Dir. Alfredo Galván. Condesa de Eh! Francisco Arriví, PR
‘EL QUIJOTE’ Dir. Jorge Ali Triana. Dulcinea/Bufón Spanish Rep. & Syracuse, NY
‘BOOGUIE SHOES PROJECT’ Dir. David Parker. Ensemble World Financial Center, NYC
‘MYSTERIOUS EPOCAS’ Dir. Tam Warner. Gypsy Queen Shima Spain Mura, Japan
‘AS YOU LIKE IT’ Dir. Leopoldo Aranda. Phoebe Valencia, Spain